Remy – I-dentity

Remy - I-dentity

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Remy – I-dentity
CD, Deserted Island Music, 2011

I personally find it interesting Remy Stroomer has chosen the titel “I-dentity” for his latest release, as I always found that this musician created his own realm of identity and originality over the years on his recordings. Tracks 1-3 of “I-dentity” have been recorded at Remy Stroomer’s concert at the 11th Ricochet Gathering in Berlin, October 16th 2010.

I on my part would describe “I-dentity’s” music, of which a large part was performed on E-Day 2011, as neo-classical sequential minimalism with free form and improvisational dimensions. There even are faint Schulze-like atmospheric shades and vibes shining through occasionally, while the pulsating sequencer patterns on “Destination Berlin part 2” lead the way to some rocky e-guitar parts of Bill Fox.

The actual title track, lasting over 24 minutes, consists of two parts: the “intro” by Remy, and the continuation after the break which features fine solos and tasty additional parts by the talented musicians Gert Emmens,, Erik Wollo and Francis Rimbert.
It’s a driving, dynamic and well-constructed composition in which the thorough minimal approach and sometimes even deregulating moves again nicely surfaces along the atmospheric, improvised and various solo-parts.

For those looking for a bonus: the Musiczeit website offers the exclusive 17-minute piece “Vulnerable” next to the other tracks, which doesn’t appear on the physical album.

With “I-dentity”, released on the newly founded Deserted Island Music label, Remy again proves he’s something rather different from the usual EM-pack, but not less exciting.


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