Remy & My Breath My Music – Sessions 2012

Remy & My Breath My Music - Sessions 2012

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Remy & My Breath My Music – Sessions 2012
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Deserted Island Music, 2013

“Sessions 2012” is a special music session Remy Stroomer did together with four students from the “My Breath My Music” foundation in fall of 2012.
The goal of the latter is to offer people with severe physical disabilities an opportunity to make music especially with instruments developed for their needs.

One of these instruments is The Magic Flute, an electronic wind instrument that can be played without hands. As Remy explains, it can also be connected to other electric sound sources like synthesizers or MIDI computers enabling the user to generate a wide variety of different sounds and nuances.

The album contains four tracks ranging between 13 and 17 minutes featuring adaptions from tracks previously released on the albums “REMY – i-Dentity” and “REMY – The Great Church Trilogy”, as these offered lots of room for improvisation. To me, the improvisations on the Magic Flute add a dash of lightness to the pieces and make them shine in a quite jolly, fulfilling manner.

A mellow side and more reflective feel is present on the first half of “In High Places”, with the melancholic undercurrent getting stronger in the second part. At first, the guitar noodling and choir on “Hunter” come out weary, but this straightens a bit when the rhythms and groove get stronger. And although I’m not a fan of the sound of sax, the moody and at times even tender outcome on the final track “Full Moon” is most satisfying.

Also important to mention all benefits from the sales of the special project “Sessions 2012” will go to a good cause: the “My Breath My Music” foundation.


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