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Remy & - PrimiTiveS


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Remy & – PrimiTiveS
CD, Groove Unlimited, 2013

“PrimiTiveS” is the debut-album by the established Dutch synthesists Remy (aka Remy Stroomer) and (aka Michel van Osenbruggen). Although they are both musically influenced by Jean Michael Jarre, classically-trained Remy and autodidact both have developed their own style, character and approach in their music.

After they got to know each other on E-Live 2007, the two guys started developing compositions and ideas in their own studios respectively, sending them back and forth in the last couple of years. In later stages, they actually joined forces by coming out, play and finalize things together in the studio in what has ended up as “PrimiTiveS”.

The outcome of one and a half years of intensive (and of what I’ve heard also exhausting) work has really paid off, and is topped by another excellent mastering job by Wouter Bessels. The nine transparent and spatial sounding compositions (although no straight-forward melodic songs) form a sonic adventure, featuring some powerful lead voices, bass lines and cracking drums. But there’s also room for tranquil interludes such as the intimate “Liquid Spheres”. There actually a lot going on in this free-style kind of e-music.

Besides a most interesting sound spectrum, a lot of attention is given to detail and the distinct layering/merging of pads. It’s accessible, spatial and fresh, but also breaths a somewhat different air than we are used to from each of the composers. The minimal flavours, piano playing, Schulze-touches and choir textures are courtesy of Remy (e.g. “Frozen Cubes”), while Michel hints for the groovy and melodic drive along soaring leads, bubbling and quirky sound effects. The latter is nicely displayed on tracks such as “Fractured Splines”, “Crashing Toroids” or the energetic “Burning Cylinders”.

Like the first Boots/ release, “PrimiTiveS” is a fun release in which the enthusiasm of Remy and Michel is constantly present and shining through.
Nice going guys, hat’s off for this fine album!

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