Remy – This is Not The End

Remy - This is Not The End

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Remy – This is Not The End
CD, AKH Records, 2008

April 13th 2008 “This Is Not The End” saw he light of day at E-Day 2008. This new album by Remy Stroomer, aka Remy, opens the door to a new sound in his catalogue.

My first impression of the musical content was it resembled the sculptured modern chamber music from Kerry Leimer’s Palace of Lights-label, but things turned out otherwise.

The overall realm is minimal and occasionally even pastoral, built of slow morphing textural plains with occasional symphonic hints and rhythmic interludes.
One can also notice some menacing/gothic, melancholic undercurrents and darker shades shifting through the free form, droning soundscapes of the seven tracks.
Repetitive sequencer patterns and drums/percussion come and go, sometimes turning out almost dance-like on “Because it’s said”.

Overall, this album sure contains a peculiar collection of hard to describe modern electronics, which is graced with a beautiful production and mastering


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