Rene de Bakker – Almost Human

Rene de Bakker - Almost Human

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Rene de Bakker – Almost Human
CD-R/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2016

Rene de Bakker’s “Almost Human” was launched on “E-Live 2016”, another album of sequencer-based, Berlin School inspired electronic music.
Several interesting moves and sounds are present on each of the seven tracks on the 79-minute album, but (as noted on previous recordings) I again discerned several superficial, mediocre passages to grab and keep my attention.

It all comes down to the slow progression of the sequences combined with a certain dreariness surfacing as the additional sounds and textures continue along vague solo voices. Of what I recall, this shows far less when he’s playing music in Beyond Berlin where both musicians seem to complement each other.
The download version of the release features the 13-minute bonus track “Artificial Liveforms in Conflict”.


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