Rene de Bakker – Our Gift

Rene de Bakker - Our Gift

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Rene de Bakker – Our Gift
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Groove Unlimited, 2019

Those familiar with the previous work of Dutch synthesist Rene de Bakker won’t be surprised the music of “Our Gift” (Rene’s first factory-pressed solo cd) doesn’t stray far from classic Berlin School.

Rene’s (re-)interpretation of that style features a nice mix of vintage Peter Baumann/TD and classic Jarre along hints of Schulze’s work established around the mid and end of the ‘70’s. Rene though injects it all these with a myriad of vibrant sequencer patterns and various own twists while gentle melody (but no solos) swirl through occasionally. On top of that, “Our Gift’s” open sound design featured of the six lengthy compositions make the 76-minute recording” a convincing and recommended one. Nice going Rene.


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