René van der Wouden – Altostratus/Cirrostratus

René van der Wouden - Altostratus/Cirrostratus

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René van der Wouden – Altostratus/Cirrostratus
CD-R, AmbientLive Records, 2007

Over the years, I got to know a couple of electronic music cds which had clouds as a subject, such as Peter Challoner’s “Music for Cloudwatching” and Kevin Kendle’s “Clouds”.

To them, we can add this double album by the Dutch musician René van der Wouden, who recorded all music between May 1999 and September 2002.

The outcome (optimized and selected for cd by John Sherwood) is a both lush and melodic sounding collection of music which creates a relaxing mood in which it is nice to realm for a while.
Some passages even are able to create a certain elevating effect as the warm, sometimes slightly melancholic washes of textures go by, as others clearly sound too searching and amateuristic.

This is an accessible, easy-going album of electronic music for those who prefer relaxing, soundscape like music
On the other hand, I imagine things might be too cheesy, and meander a bit too long for some, although René applied some drums here and there.


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