René van der Wouden – Fixus Naturalis

René van der Wouden - Fixus Naturalis

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René van der Wouden – Fixus Naturalis

The music found on Mr van der Wouden’s release “Fixus Naturalis” came into being during November/December 2009, a period in which René was very busy completing the album “Numerus Fixus”.

The spacious, warm and detailed sounding outcome, presented in five parts, is again inspired by nature and sounds originating from it. Moreover, the textural, non-rhythmic soundscapes with smooth scattering effects have an overall calming effect.

Sonically, the comfortable and imaginary music continues in the tradition of contemporary melodic music and features vast, hypnotic synth pads perfect to put the mind gently at ease. And although some faint echoes of classic old school electronics shimmer through the cohesive and well-composed pieces, René has oncemore found his ways to put his own significant marks in there as well.

If you enjoyed “Numerus Fixus”, it’s recommended you check out the quality music of “Fixus Naturalis” as well (that’s even more immersive when listened to with a good pair of headphones).
Congrats on another very nice one, René!


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