René van der Wouden – Pro Sequentia

René van der Wouden - Pro Sequentia

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René van der Wouden – Pro Sequentia
CD-R, Private Release, 2005

The music on “Pro Sequentia”(which is Latin for the sequential hymns sung by monks and musicians at around the year 1100) of Dutch synthesist René van der Wouden shows a few musical steps forward.

Above all, it features a warmer, better produced sound, which makes the general melodic music stand out better.

The five tracks are very accessible, the first “Prosa” starting out with joyful played sounds and rhythms. The second track sits back, journeying into quiet, floating territory before setting out in a sequenced/rhythmic outing.

“Prosa 3”, the longest track lasting over 22 minutes, carries a nice, engaging feel with its undeniable influences of both Mr Jarre and Vangelis.
The other two parts continue rather nice as well, but even here different elements just don’t match, although René tried to make them work.

On the other hand, the warm anthem-like textures of the closing track do very well before (pitiful enough) the rhythms set in, next to the beautiful melancholic feel halfway.
“Pro Sequentia” shows a further maturation of Rene’s music. But there’s still quite some work to be done as he should further refine and sculpture his own sound and not try too much at one time.


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