René van der Wouden – Stargazer

René van der Wouden - Stargazer

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René van der Wouden – Stargazer

It’s been a while since I reviewed an album by Dutch synthesist René van der Wouden, so I’m glad to investigate one of his recent endeavours. “Stargazer”, released in June 2015, is a smoothened-dynamic and melodic recording featuring nice sequencer/rhythmic underlayment paired with sound effects along classic and modern electronic sounds.

The cosmic theme is explored through five accessible tracks, of which I especially like the textural, free form parts (always 4-6 minutes) found at the start setting the mood of each composition. A haze of Berlin School airs through the whole album, especially on the vibrant title piece, but is transformed and interpreted into René’s personal style. “The Blue Lights” is rather minimalist in form, but a closer listen reveals the slow, low-melodic/sequenced progression happening along the 19-minute ride.

The title kicks off spherical but evolves into a nicely tweaked and rapid sequencer-driven venture without any solo voices. The minimalism though on “Galaxy Floating” sounds uninspired, empty and rather dreary, missing a true drive and kick. Fortunately, the happy song “Mosaic of Stars” rounding out the recording connects to a catchy aural realm again, making it the most melodic one on the album.


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