Resonant Drift – Flow Mingled Down

Resonant Drift - Flow Mingled Down

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Resonant Drift – Flow Mingled Down
CD, Private Release, 2006

Resonant Drift is a music project of the USA-based musician Bill Olien, who mentions in the cd-booklet he was inspired by Steve Roach, Robert Rich, Jonn Serrie, Paul Ellis, Brian Eno and even TD.

The 55-minute disc takes off with the peculiar, heavy sequencer-based “Until”, thereafter shifting to a quiet mode as the nicely rendered Roach-kindred ethereal sonics step in on the 7-minute title track.
The sequenced, cinematic “Is this the Dream” comes next with its TD-like sequencers, after which the music slows down to the free form textural “Indescribable” with unsettling undercurrents. The latter feel continues on the darker shaded “Within, Still”.

The short piece “Moment” turns to much lighter atmospheres with accessible floating soundscapes, quickly followed by the well-rendered moody as dynamic sequencer outing “Spiral Nowhere”.
After the sedate interlude “Moment Again“, “Yearning” offers a rather uneasy mood with its fx’s and beat-driven electronica, extending this atmosphere as it leads the way to the dark textural dronescapes and grainy fx’s of “Ground of all”.
The album ends with the gentle, transparent soundscapes of “Sorrow and Love” with water backdrop. Unfortunately there are some crackles discernable in these not as expansive and deep Roach-like textures.

All in all, “Flow Mingled down” contains an interesting as adventurous mixture of ambient and sequencer-driven electronics, of which the darker sound paintings might need a bit more time to be appreciated.
Just give it a try and let the music speak its own magic…


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