Resonant Drift – Full Circle

Resonant Drift - Full Circle

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Resonant Drift – Full Circle
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Flow Space Music, 2012

This album is entitled “Full Circle” because of various thoughts and ideas the duo Bill Olien and Gary Johnson had about returning, coming back and so on, that initially started them to create music on this theme. In the process of crafting and moulding the music, those same ideas also had an influence on the choices of sounds and instruments, but also influenced the song order and the overall “feel” of the music.

It all has led to an inspired 68-minute album featuring an evocative and rich canvas of sounds, made even stronger by the synth embellishments, sonic magic and enhancements provided by ambient guru Steve Roach (who also joins on four tracks). Gentle drifts, soothing streams and an overall balanced sphere settle down here, a tranquil dream world of sonic splendour taking the time to unfold its colours and shapes.

The darker flavoured “Turning the Wheel of Time”, the longest (but also less strong and harmonious) track on the release, introduces some ethnic percussion and psychedelic flavours embedded in dense drone tapestries and loops, while the bass playing by Rod Ratelle makes one think of Patrick O’Hearn.

Fortunately, things shift back to a more consistent and harmonic whole on “Fading Memories” (that features Roach’s groove creation along some processed electric guitar as we know of his “Midnight Moon” album) and the dreamy “Dissolution”. The 9-minute title track closes “Full Circle” with reflective and soft waves.

All in all, the textural dream world of “Full Circle” makes nice and relaxing headphone listening.


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