Resonant Drift – Resonant Drift

Resonant Drift - Resonant Drift

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Resonant Drift – Resonant Drift
CD-R, Private Release, 2004

This album is the debut release of California-based musician Bill Olien. The almost 64 minutes of music, divided in ten tracks, offers a blend of ambient soundscape and sequencer-oriented music accompanied by tribal oriented percussion.

Although the album starts out nicely with the Steve Roach-kindred “Towards”, offering gliding textures and dynamic sequencing, the following tracks seem to disappear in a sonic well, lacking direction but most of all presenting a lot of searching sounds without making a point.

This, together with a certain uneasy and superficial feel embedded in the music, make this strange sonic pool not a real enjoyment to listen to.

The slow morphing “Adrift from the burning” with its unsettling sonic dwellings and tribal percussion improve things a bit, as does the sequencer-driven “Vision Blue”.

But overlooking the whole outcome of this debut cd, it’s just too much a mixed bag of sonics lacking real content to make it an interesting listen.


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