Rhea – 108 Minutes -That Changed The World-

Rhea - 108 Minutes -That Changed The World-

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Rhea – 108 Minutes -that changed the world-

Rhea’s “108 Minutes” -a three track/65-minute sonic tribute to Russian cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin, the first man in space- is a nicely accomplished travelogue for all who love to dwell and space-out in cosmic environs.

Synthesist Mark de Wit takes his listeners deep into a minimalist, slow evolving aural spectacle dressed with dark ambiences, voice samples, percussive bits and occasional sequenced passages. This mesmerizing journey through the grand expanse and to unknown dimensions is slightly malevolent and foreboding in places, while also reminding of classic cosmic couriers such as Schulze or early TD from the ‘70s.

I strongly suggest you put on your quality headphones to start exploring & get the best out of the recording’s attentively crafted sound design.


Website: rhea3.bandcamp.com

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