Rhea – Crescent

Rhea - Crescent

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Rhea – Crescent
CD-R/LP, Rhea Music, 2013

Rhea is a project of Belgian synthesist Mark de Wit, who some might know as one half of Purfoze or as one of the founding members of B-Wave, the Belgian electronic music community. “Crescent Rhea”, presented in a beautifully designed origami-style digipack, offers 50 minutes of otherworldly space-ambient.

The album contains six cinematic tracks altogether, containing stark but tranquil ambient musings with voice snippets and subtle (spatial) rhythms/sequencing, riding the abstract, darker edge of universe besides a slight classical whim. It’s a trail of vaporous mystery that’s spread out here, dissolving in spacious realms. I recommend listening to this morphing celestial music with headphones to experience its full, quite mesmerizing impact. In my opinion, the latter is best achieved on the 16-minute title track. Here, things turn and whirl softly as the sound gains more body, at the same time reminding of Ashra’s classic “New Age of Earth”. On the last two (shorter) tracks, the cosmic music turns up the smoother lane.

If mysterious, hypnotizing space music with a faint minimal touch is your cup of tea, make sure you give “Crescent Rhea” a listen.

Website: rhea3.bandcamp.com

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