Rhea – November Stars

Rhea - November Stars

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Rhea – November Stars
CD-R, Rhea Music, 2006/2013

Here’s another archival recording of analogue-oriented harmonic cosmic music composed by Mark de Wit, which sonically lines up very nicely to his other releases despite its more rhythmic, pulsating character.
The listener immerses easily in the atmospheric depths and expansiveness of space encountered in the 77-minute vintage sounding outcome, which proves to be much more than a floating affair.

The sweeping synth washes, retro sequencer patterns and gentle swirling melodic currents all are executed effectively and keen to detail, sketching out galactic imagery before the mind’s eye. The sequencer-driven“Keio Nebula”, the longest piece on the album, clearly takes inspiration of vintage Schulze (’77-’79) with its nice choir pads, sound effects and lush synth pads.

This impact and sphere is continued explored on the retro-ish “Back In Space”, featuring a KS-kindred smooth soaring solo-voice hovering above the sequencer pattern as the space realm is spread along. The joyful and spacious “Fading Andromeda” sounds a bit directionless at times, though also comes up with nice melancholic sound waves in vintage Ashra style before immersing into deep tranquillity in the last few minutes.
“Nebula Moog”, the final track, takes off mysteriously, with cascading, minimal but holdback sequencers showing up after a few minutes while cosmic phenomena fly by in the 13-minute cosmic narrative.

All in all, there’s quite some adventure encountered on the five cosmic dwellings making up “November Stars”, which suffers from thin and raw audio occasionally. Check it out though if you like (classic) spacy Schulze or Serrie’s “Planetary Chronicles”.

Website: rhea3.bandcamp.com

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