Rhea – Rhea@Cosmic Nights ft. Alien Voices

Rhea - Rhea@Cosmic Nights ft. Alien Voices

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Rhea – Rhea@Cosmic Nights ft. Alien Voices
CD-R, Rhea Music, 2014

“Rhea@CosmicNights ft. Alien Voices” comprises four lengthy live sets performed at the Cosmic Nights in 2013 & 2014. It sees Mark de Wit continue his exploration of cosmic environs through ambient and the quiet side of Berlin School-spiced sequencer music.

The album kicks off with the 38-minute “Chartreuse”, a mysterious assemblage of vintage string pads, some wordless overtone & throat singing by Alien Voices (aka the German duo Kolja Simon & Felix Mönnich), sequenced sections and swirling synth pads. The sequencer part unfolding around the 20-minute mark pfoves the most appealing, resembling classic Schulze but only lasting four minutes or so. Overall, this long aural excursion didn’t affect me that much.

The spaced-out formulae though works out much better and catchy on the vintage TD-oriented/sequenced “Ocean of Stars” and the enigmatic, out of this world soundscape “@TheDome”, both taken from the 2013 festival. The mysterious current dissolves in dense dronewaves on the short “DarkMatters”. It’s the moody 29-minute mid-section of this 73-minute album which makes it worth buying.

Website: rhea3.bandcamp.com

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