Rhea – The True Color of Titan’s Lakes

Rhea - The True Color of Titan's Lakes

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Rhea – The True Color of Titan’s Lakes
CD-R, Rhea Music, 2008/2013

One’s at the right spot here if you’re an avid fan of ambient space music like I. A few decades ago, synthesist Mark de Wit already contributed his two cents when he was part of Purfoze. Since a couple of years though, he pursues a solo career using the alias Rhea.

“The True Color of Titan’s Lakes”, composed in 2008, offers six cinematic pieces of highly atmospheric music, connecting easily to the smooth whirling cosmic realm. Make sure you use a good pair of headphones as you submerge in these spatial, vast spaces featuring occasional sequencing along intrinsic groovy-ness.

The haunting, darkening soundscapes on the third track “Dark Lake” are more demanding and less easy, kicking in more adventurous and abstract from the start but evolve nicely as they float away into the wide open. The deep cosmic ambience is pushed forward with the minimal sequencing and lush swirling/soaring textures of “Saturni Luna”, entering another huge, soft glowing space on the title track following next.
Compared to that, the 4-minute “Far Thunder” found at the tail of the album sounds a bit superfluous.

Website: rhea3.bandcamp.com

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