Richard Bone – Aera

Richard Bone - Aera

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Richard Bone – Aera
USB-DRIVE/DIGITAL DOWNLOA, Quirkwork Laboratories, 2016

Electronica/ambient collectors out may be pleased to learn US-synthesist Richard Bone has released “Aera”, a 2-hour collection of 25 rare and obscure tracks released on an engraved rosewood USB drive limited to just 25 copies along a download-version.

The work contains Mr Bone’s ambient work (“This Serene Life”), rather peculiar and unexpected electronic tracks along rhythmic ambient works and a few tracks from a period when Richard was experimenting with found spoken snippets. His abstract style still is quite demanding, revealing a cinematic/alienating edge like on “This Invisible World”, “Walden by Night” or“First Night at Sea”. Expect the unexpected and start listening to “Aera” with an open mind is the best advice I can give.


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