Richard Bone – Alternate Realities

Richard Bone - Alternate Realities

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Richard Bone – Alternate Realities

Although I gave this cd several spins in my cd player, I have to confess these 49 minutes of music are not my taste, but still not bad.
Richard Bone, an “ambient musician extraordinaire” already managed to catch my attention and touch me with his previous albums “The Spectral Ships”, “Ether Dome” and “Tales from the Incantina”.

And although the nine tracks (of which seven are rare and unreleased) show some of these influences, the music has a distinct brass-tinged atmosphere nderlined by some occasional jazziness. This rather laidback music features quite some piano playing besides steady beats and bass accompaniment, which make up for an unusual kind of music.

The previously released tracks are alternate versions of “Waters of Assiyah” and “Ariel Dane & the Seraphim Swing”, both taken from the album “Ascensionism”.

But in the end, one thing still is for sure and always will be: you never know what to expect from a new Bone-cd.


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