Richard Bone – Beleagured Blossoms

Richard Bone - Beleagured Blossoms

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Richard Bone – Beleagured Blossoms
CD-R/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Quirkwork Laboratory Discs, 2010

“Beleagured Blossoms” contains 11 forgotten artifacts from Mr Bone’s archive. They’ve been composed between 1993-2009, and most of them are soundtracks from various film and video projects.

Mr Bone’s versatile compositions walk the edge of combining the abstract with contemporary electronica. His music steps out of the ordinary, transforms into unusual shapes and spheres, the latter ranging from hypnotizing and a bit forboding to free form compositions with quirky elements occasionally lurking underneath. An example of the latter is found in “Rejected Robot Seeks Same”, while Richard is heard more playful on e.g. “October World”.

With focussed attention, one can also learn where certain tracks fit in in the Bone-timeline: “Sombra” e.g. was layed down during the “Electropica” sessions, the style of both “Love Song For An Old Soul” and “Adrift” reflect they were recorded somewhere between the albums “The Spectral Ships” and “Etherdome”. On “100 Hills of Sukha”, Richard recalls it to be written during the sessions that became “Ascensionism”.
For me, the best track on the album is the 7-minute “Desmoria”, creating a nice balanced mood and sonic environment.

Although downloadable at many online digital outlets, the actual “Beleaguered Blossoms” cd booklet includes instructions for accessing free bonus material consisting of music, video, detailed track information and photography.


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