Richard Bone – Images from a Parallel World

Richard Bone - Images from a Parallel World

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Richard Bone – Images from a Parallel World

After the nice retrospective release “Anthology”, AD Music hereby brings us a full-length album with all-new music by US composer Richard Bone. The outcome though still reflects the different or should I say awkward view and approach on composing that has seems a trademark of this musician.

The new batch of moody, rhythmic soundscapes making up “Images from a Parallel World” can’t be compared to anything he did until now, left aside it to be classified somehow. One might almost say these are jolly upbeat instrumental tunes (such as the opening track and “Eucalyptico”), but Bone’s ambient side also comes forward on e.g. the dreamy “Dadaelia” or the rather quirky “Trans Mutual Sunshine” and “Cathedral in Spires”. In addition, the strange pulses, rhythms, sequencers and low basses lend the rhythmic outcome a strange, uncommon feel.

The music shifts to a more sensitive mode on “System Wide Slumber” and “Lavacicles”, but as easy turns back to the rhythmic tunes with “Simple Sirius” and “Litographic Love Lines” or the strange jazzy “Eight Sufis Swinging”.

Overall, “Images from a Parallel World” is a quirky album and again is prove one never knows what to expect with a Bone release, although I’m familiar with quite a lot of them. This one though doesn’t convince me.


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