Richard Bone – Infinite Plastic Creation

Richard Bone - Infinite Plastic Creation

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Richard Bone – Infinite Plastic Creation
CD, Quirkworks Laboratory Discs, 2007

September 10th 2007 saw the release of “Infinite Plastic Creation”, which comes with a beautiful designed cd booklet.
The press–release describes it as an exquisite new work of primarily rhythmic ambience, created during a period composer Richard Bone was going through a time of personal crisis and reflection.

Although the cinematic album indeed is overall rhythmic, it also contains three very nice beatless, ethereal pieces delving in atmospheric realms, such as the nice mysterious textural opener “Ryder Adrift” or the flowing closing track “Indiga”.

I especially like the tribal rhythms as featured on e.g. “Toward Amitaf”, or the soft dwellings of the introspective track “Where the Stars await you”.

I also feel “Infinite Plastic Creation” sounds far more cohesive, in balance and sophisticated compared to all his previous works, as personal and honest emotions are imbedded in the compositions.
This next to the fact that the music is kept accessible, but still features some typical, quirky “Bone-twists”.

Next to the album, Richard also has made some videos available to go with the music.
There are six videos in the collection, five from tracks on the recording, and one unreleased outtake called “Brighter Nova”. They are all available on Bone’s own website.
Nicely done Richard!


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