Richard Bone – Vertical Life

Richard Bone - Vertical Life

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Richard Bone – Vertical Life
CD-R/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Quirkwork Laboratories, 2014

Every album of Richard Bone is an adventure into new, ambient aural and out of the ordinary sound worlds and composing styles. “Vertical Life”, melodic surreal ambience for contemplation and flying carpets, is no exception.

The ten tracks of sonic ambience incorporate rhythmic, groovy, exotic and introspective/meditative elements, spreading its wings in spectral, unusual but not the least unpleasant ways. The spacious, slightly psychedelic-oriented form (especially coming to bloom on “Malaise & Tea”) in which it comes to the listener is quite surprising, left alone due to the true spirit and sense of wonder found in the veins of the imaginary outcome.

As such, “Vertical Life” invites each listener to exploratory journeys that unfold before the mind’s eye, with even a few pieces (such as “Jungala”) featuring a strong breath of world music along a euphoric sense. Again, an open attitude will prove beneficial when sensing this excellent produced and mastered ambient work of art.


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