Richard Bone – XesseX (The Palindrome Project)

Richard Bone - XesseX (The Palindrome Project)

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Richard Bone – XesseX (The Palindrome Project)
CD-R/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Quirkwork Laboratory Discs, 2011

The eight compositions on the ambient album “Xessex” are the outcome of Richard Bone’s lifelong fascination with directional sound. Not the direction from which it emanates, but rather the direction in which it flows. The depth and density within a reversed sound is totally different than when it is played forward.

The palindrome-album was created over the last two years, for which portions of each track were carefully assembled and later recorded forward (the first four pieces) as well as backward (the last four tracks), so that the same piece of music would have two unique versions.

Executed in a minimal framework, the overall mood of the slow-flow music with loops is somber and reflective as its morphs onward. “Drawn onwarD” or the reverse version of “OgopogO” though are lighter, due to the curling, elevating textures.
All in all “Xessex” makes a peculiar soundscape release.

If you order the limited edition album straight from Richard’s website, one will get some bonus stuff such as an additional cd-r with two extra tracks and a download card.


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