Richard deHove – Worlds Beyond Number

Richard deHove - Worlds Beyond Number


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Richard deHove – Worlds Beyond Number
CD, Private Release, 2006

It’s been quiet for a long while regarding new artists composing well produced space music.
Well, this guy Richard DeHove sounds most promising on his cd “Worlds of Number”.

The strong opening track “The Good Earth” has been used for as background music for a series of space photo’s which were available on the internet, which lead to requests for more kindred music. His reflective music is a synthesis of choirs, strings and electronic textures.
The third track “I know a river” is the only piece that sounds pointless and out of place.

The last three tracks are a majestic and absolutely beautifully. The slowly winding and drifting soundscapes with heavenly choirs dive deep into the depths of the cosmos, perfectly coming to an end with the title track. Very well done Richard!



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