Rick Miller – Starsong

Rick Miller - Starsong

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Rick Miller – Starsong
MC/CD-R/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Vital Body Marketing/Private Release, 1984

“Starsong” is a classic electronic spacemusic album by Canadian composer Rick Miller. Originally called “Limberlost” and initially only released privately on cassette, “Starsong” came about in or around 1981 to 1982 while Mr Miller was living in Toronto and was asked by his good friend Eli Bay (who ran a company called Relaxation Response) to come up with some music that he could use in his classes to assist him to guide people into deep states of relaxation and sell to his customers later on.

A copy of the tape was eventually sent to a company in New York called Vital Body Marketing who picked up the distribution of the album and changed the name to “Starsong”. In addition, the release was included on their “Art of Relaxation” series and was sold worldwide.

The music itself was recorded using a number of analog synthesizers, as there was little or no digital back then, such as a Roland JX3P, Micro Moog, Sequential Circuits Pro One, Roland Vocoder Plus and a Mellotron. The recording itself was done at Toronto’s Sound Design Studios, with whom Rick had a close relationship in the early ‘80s.

The outcome is light, relaxing and uncomplicated, poured into a gentle-melodic and uplifting structure on the three short pieces. The strongest takes though are the 15-minute “Limberlost” (a cross-over of early Kitaro without the Asian flavor and Clifford White’s “Ascension”) and the 24-minute “The Ascension”. The latter is made up of strings of warm, soft-soaring synth washes with an undeniable dreamy, New Age feel.

Website: rickmiller.bandcamp.com


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