Ricochet Gathering – Keep On

Ricochet Gathering - Keep On

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Ricochet Gathering – Keep On
CD, Ricochet Dream, 2010

“Keep on” is a limited edition release featuring a live and improvised recording in Transylvania on 11 November 2008, marking the Silver Anniversary celebration of Michael Mann’s cult-movie “The Keep” for which Tangerine Dream produced the original soundtrack.

Ricochet’s 9th Gathering event this time featured Spyra, Steve Schroyder, Paul Lawler, Daniel Bloom, Indra and Paul Nagle.
They all were provided Ricochet’s “The Keep Cues” soundtrack music in advance. Its purpose was to trigger the musician’s imagination and capture the atmospheres of the original soundtrack for the recordings during the live and improvised sessions that would follow.

“Keep on” contains the best of these sessions, condensed to two long tracks, of 40 and 20 minutes each, while Indra did the last piece, the 10-minute “Keep Finale”.

I must say the outcome is quite impressive, as the improvising musicians sketch a sonic landscape of rhythmic and freeform parts in which something always seems to be looming underneath while the whole outcome remains accessible and at times melodic, shifting from lighter to more darker shades.
Compared to the previous two tracks, Indra’s last piece “Keep Finale” sounds more lush and melodic, although its overall sound spectrum is mediocre.

All in all, these sonic sketches of “Keep on“continue and complement the realm of TD’s score while at the same time paving and investigating new paths during the imaginary journey.
Nice going, guys!

Website: www.ricochetdream.com


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