Riechmann – Wunderbar

Riechmann - Wunderbar

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Riechmann – Wunderbar
LP/CD, Sky Records, 1978

“Wunderbar” is the one and only solo album of the late German synthesist Wolfgang Riechmann, who’s known best for his collaborations in the bands Phönix, Neu!, and Streetmark.

Influences of the symphonic genre, the Krautrock scene and a slice of what we later on would call synth pop all find their way on the six gentle rhythmic (but at times a bit unpolished and demo-ish sounding) outings alongside the profound flavors of the cosmic/Berliner School and Düsseldorf School (NEU!, Kraftwerk, La Düsseldorf).

The optimistic sphere and melodic-oriented songs are kept simple and to the point, relying on harmonic/pastel synth chords, some wordless vocals and a nice combo of simple kept rhythms and sequencer patterns.

I still feel a warm and touching embrace when the title tracks kicks off the 35–minute album. “Abendlicht” and “Silberland” both fit the spherical/imaginary bill very nicely, with a brooding and ominous mood creeping in on the very short closing piece “Traumzeit”. The rather minimalist “Himmelblau” and the opening title piece though nicely illustrate the tasty, rhythmic side of Mr Riechmann’s uplifting and engaging music.

It would until 1991 before it finally saw its first cd-release, followed by a re-issue on vinyl and the silver disc in 2009.
Until today, the mostly instrumental “Wunderbar” remains a true classic of cosmic electronic picture music echoing the nostalgic and progressive realm of days long gone by.



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