Rigel Centaurus – Area of Habitat

Rigel Centaurus - Area of Habitat

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Rigel Centaurus – Area of Habitat
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, United Studios Corp., 2012

What we got here is deep space music from Russia. “Area of Habitat” is the debut album by Andrey Hlybov, aka Rigel Centaurus, who has been doing this kind of music since five years or so.

The floating and highly spacious sounding “Area of Habitat” reflects the dimensions and sense of awe of the universe, and imagines what it it might be like to travel through these vast spaces.

The expansive soundscape music is a 64-minute journey of an overall soothing, ethereal and free floating nature, that has been made using soft-synthesizers only. Occasionally, the music shifts to a more symphonic shape (e.g. “Farewell to Earth” part 2), but always remains its transparent, tranquil and smoothened character.
The music takes on a minimal and furthermore ethereal form on the following four pieces with only subtle shifts in the layered textures as things gently float along.

All in all, if you prefer a calming and drifting journey through the endless stellar region, “Area of Habitat” will do the job all the way.
The space/drone ambient release is available as free download from the site below.

Website: uscu.unitedstudios.ru

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