Rising Galaxy – Horizons in the Dark

Rising Galaxy - Horizons in the Dark

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Rising Galaxy – Horizons in the Dark
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Cosmic Leaf Records, 2019

Now here’s an ambient recording featuring music treading similar ground as Vangelis’ “Tegos Tapes” and “El Greco” or some of Roach’s intense soundworlds. It’s a nicely rendered 41-minute soundscape journey by the Greek Nikos Betsimeas, aka “Rising Galaxy”, who has a background as composer and dj in house, trance and goa.

Horizons in the Dark” is completely the opposite as it delves into a mesmerizing world of calm, slow evolving drone tapestries and expansive textural spaces with a warm, cosmic feel. A dark, morphing current is imminent in each of the seven tracks along occasional majestic swirls and hints of mystery slumbering underneath. Cosmic space enters the scene on the final (and also longest) track “Stargazer”. In all “Horizons in the Dark” makes commended headphone listening for evening and nighttime.

Website: http://cosmicleaf.bandcamp.com/album/horizons-in-the-dark


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