Rising Star – Cosmic Works

Rising Star - Cosmic Works

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Rising Star – Cosmic WorksRising Star – Cosmic Works
CD-R, Private Release, 2001

From the backcover of this cd I learned “Cosmic Works” is a live-in-concert recording made in Chico, CA, USA on 01-27-2001. Marc Handschuh, aka Rising Star, presents us a continuous evolving soundscape blanket of spacious textural sounds, divided in seven pieces.

Well, this is pretty atmospheric, spatial and rather tranquil stuff with sparse use of melody and rhythm, which Mr Handschuh describes as a meditative earth and space journey. There’s a peculiar organic (and occasionally also a world-music) edge to Rising Star’s imaginary sonic creations, e.g. surfacing on “Earth Works” and “Forcefield”. “Relax!” on the other hand is very smooth and elevating. It’s a pity though the simplistic but fortunately also short “Soft Tones” winds down the album, tearing down the previously created spacious realm rigorously.

Despite the typos and the flashy, amateurish cd-art, the 60-minutes of overall serene but earthy music of “Cosmic Works” (like his other albums intented to bring “inner space” into your life) is worth checking out.

Website: www.starjourneys.com/Mus/press8.html

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