Rising Star – Totally Space

Rising Star - Totally Space

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Rising Star – Totally Space
CD-R, Private Release, 2001

Totally Space” is one of the quite remarkable creations of American musician Marc Handschuh aka (Marc) Rising Star. The last twelve years he has been focussing to implement serenity, relaxation and (most of all) Space in his music to establish inner harmony and healing.

This album features eight lengthy compositions which Marc created live from the moment to get a fresh and organic feel in his music. This music would do great with a smashing planetariumshow, as it takes you on a floating trip among the stars and giant spaces of the galaxy.

The track “Float” features a lengthy drone-like sound and slight effects which drifts on an on, ending in a sort-of rhythm in the beginning of the next track.
The intimate album concludes in thundering waves, putting you back into reality with naturesounds surrounding you.

This is not music to feel asleep with, this is music to sooth and nuture the mind, getting you in a state of comfortable relaxation. The overall sound quality and production are well done.

Website: www.starjourneys.com/Mus/press8.html

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