Robert Carty & Gerard Geary – Mount Meru

Robert Carty & Gerard Geary - Mount Meru

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Robert Carty & Gerard Geary – Mount Meru
CD-R, Private Release, 2003

“Mount Meru” is a collaboration between space musician Robert Carty and Gerard Geary. The latter is reading four mystical poems with his deep voice (which reminds a bit of Vincent Price) on the album.

Next to great expansive space textures, there’s also a dynamic angle to the music, as shown by the tribal drums on “Zephyr Wind” which are accompanied by lush, swirling atmospherics.

The longer tracks stand out best to my taste, as they receive the typical “Carty-treatment” of nicely rendered expanding soundscapes and treatments.

Sadly enough, the cd ends with a recording of an interview on various paranormal phenomena, which should have been left out as it completely destroys the created atmosphere of the former tracks.


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