Robert Carty – In Neptune’s Wake

Robert Carty - In Neptune's Wake

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Robert Carty – In Neptune’s Wake
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2013

Gentle, drifting and at times even enchanting and magical. All these are key descriptions that apply to the harmonic ambient space music of Robert Carty, nor has he ever strolled far from these since he started composing.

The six free form soundscape compositions making up “In Neptune’s Wake” are no exceptions either. Since a few years though, this is also the reason why it less attracts my interest and even disappoints me a bit, as Carty’s too frequent output hasn’t shown any thorough progression nor surprise since a couple of years.

I think this might change if he decides to take a time-out or alternatively, sticks to just one release per year that contains his focussed creativity. In this case, another collaboration as seen in the past might also help. All is much better and satisfying than sounding uninspired and repetitive as (again) happens on this album.


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