Robert Carty – Oceanic Space

Robert Carty - Oceanic Space


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Robert Carty – Oceanic Space
CD-R, Private Release, 2005

I have been familiar with the music of this American ambient space musician for quite some years, and must say I enjoy most of it. Well, “Oceanic Space” won’t disappoint those who love to listen to relaxing, deep space textures, which Carty now has carefully implemented into the water element.

So slow down, take a deep breath and bath yourself in 74 minutes of mesmerizing textural ambience, in which the sounds of waves are prominent. The non-rhythmic music features some melodic elements, but all the way the background remains a serene, drifting blanket of textural soundscapes.

The album concludes with a two-fold title-track, but what totally amazed me was that the 14 minutes of part 2 are filled with nothing else than the sounds of breaking waves.
Carty must be joking here, making himself look ridiculous as respected electronic musician. I’ll forgive him for this, as the former eight tracks are well executed and deserve both thumbs up.


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