Robert Carty – Photonic Movements

Robert Carty - Photonic Movements

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Robert Carty – Photonic Movements
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2011

All EM-fans out there looking for a nice addition to their ambient space music collection, make sure to check out Robert Carty’s offering “Photonic Movements”.

Kicking off with the 32-minute ultimate drift “Shimmering”, this 60-minute album features three long sonic excursions of gentle and smooth space music airing a profound sense of bliss.
Mr Carty’s relaxing freeform music again doesn’t fail to treat the listener with expertly layered lush and transparent textures, making up another chapter of deep and spacious soundscape music into cosmic territory.
Be immersed!

“Photonic Movements” is available as free download from the Earth Mantranet-label in Flac and mp3 format.


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