Robert Carty – Spore

Robert Carty - Spore

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Robert Carty – Spore
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Deep Sky Music, 2013

The six-track album Spore” kicks-off with the vibrant sound design and dancing sequencer patterns of the lush “Beginning”, later on winding down into calming, cosmic/new age soundscaping. A magical, soft-soaring sound current comes to the surface on the freeform “Journey”, shifting to more lyrical realms on “Natural Nature”.

Smooth, soft and spatial sequencing is featured on the gently curling “Evolving”. The 13-minute piece though is too long to my taste as the music becomes derivative after a few minutes. Unfortunately, this veil is not lifted in any sense and continues on the uninspired “Water Light”. Things luckily change for the better on the final track “Life Roots”, where velvet textures, flute pads and a water-current make things float nicely again for 11 minutes. All in all, “Spore” left a mediocre impression.

“Spore” is available as free download from the Mr Carty’s SoundCloud page.


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