Robert Carty – Starlight Volume 2

Robert Carty - Starlight Volume 2

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Robert Carty – Starlight Volume 2
CD-R, Private Release, 2009

“Starlight Volume 2” is Robert’s second release in a trilogy of cds, which are inspired by the magical experiences of star gazing in the death of night.
It again contains a nice selection of smooth and highly atmospheric music which continues where the previous volume left off, creating a contemplative and emotional compelling sonic environment that any fan of deep space music will love.

As can be expected, an ongoing elevating, lush element is always present in the transparent and deep sonic explorations into the cosmic realms of space, spread out over a tapestry of eight varied sounding tracks.

The album has a great introduction with the expansive, gracious freeform soundscapes of “Galactic Winds”. After that, the music gently settles down in a quiet, soothing manner on the next pieces, riding the encompassing, emotional highway again in the second half of the cd.

All in all, this almost 60-minute album of smooth sonic drift can’t go wrong for anyone who loves quality cosmic ambience.


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