Robert Carty & Sylken – The Endless Vista

Robert Carty & Sylken - The Endless Vista

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Robert Carty & Sylken – The Endless Vista
CD-R, Private Release, 2007

Just a couple of weeks ago I received “The Endless Vista”, the new album by talented ambient musician Robert Carty for which he collaborated with Canadian artist Sylken aka Eric Hopper.

The title track starts out with beautiful soothing space textures, leading the way to five more tracks of freeform soundscapes, all described as “meditations on creation, the cosmic expanse”. It’s harmony, balance, and dreamy atmospheres that form the red line through this album, music to reflect and contemplate with. Within all tracks “Desire of the Ages” is a perfect soothing, cosmic travelogue to warm the soul and make the mind settle down, followed by the even stronger, glowing space trip “Of Space and Time”.

Both musicians have done well, so make sure to check things out and order at their website.


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