Robert Carty – The Inexplicable

Robert Carty - The Inexplicable

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Robert Carty – The Inexplicable
CD-R, Private Release, 2000

“The Inexplicable”, by Utah-based musician Robert Carty, is an album that is best classified as ambient-space music.

The album last one hour, and starts with the two-fold “Dark and Drifting”, in which quite darkening soundscapes melt with each other.
From the third track on, the overall atmosphere seems brighter and lighter, as the floating spacy textures are mingled with nature and environmental sounds from rain and thunder.

A rhythm is implemented in the the second part of the trilogy “Desert Feel”, which isn’t at place here, as Robert adds some strange vocal murmurs to the music as well.
Fortunately, the music turns back to gentle and very nice atmospheres in the third part.

Despite these few critical comments, and the not flawless sound quality, this album will certainly please fans of the genre.


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