Robert Davies – Shadow Dreams

Robert Davies - Shadow Dreams

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Robert Davies – Shadow Dreams
CD-R, DataObscura, 2007

“Shadow Dreams” by graphic artist and ambient musician Robert Davies is a
concept album dedicated to the strange worlds created by writers and cinematographers.
It comes as a double cd, offering two hours of free form soundscapes and slow morphing drone textures.

It’s a sonic painting which descents in shadowy, imaginative realms with only a few abstract sideways.
Personally, I prefer the lighter more open textural ambience featured on the first cd.
The music on the second disk moves deeper and is of an advanced foreboding, abstract nature, a gateway to suspense and gothic scenery with a continuing haunting feel underneath the sonic veil.

Music for darkening hours, best sensed and experienced with your eyes closed.
Robert’s fourth album is available both as download and physical cd.



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