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Robert Fox - Adonai


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Robert Fox – Adonai

The concept album “Adonai”, originally created for theatre, is Robert’s evocative sonic telling of the Easter Story and a remarkable man from a human point of view. Assembled of grand orchestral soundscapes, vocal textures, guitar and piano, the album unmistakeably reveals a new side of Robert’s music.

The 17 highly visual tracks actually contain a deep sense of reflection and (com)passion, offering lush symphonic outings next to rhythmic, tribal-infused pieces and reflective, intimate miniatures.
What “Adonai” especially shows is an honest, heartfelt passion which reminds of the symphonic works of Michael Neil, although the music is different.

Opening and ending with furious thunder and lightning, the emotionally laden, beautifully rendered religious soundworlds between them make this album something special.
One can actually sense the positive, uplifting impact on “Temple”, the immersive impact of the monk-chants of “Anointing”, or beautifully melted atmospheric sections that make up the 12-minute highlight “Nine Mimes”.
Only the psychedelic, directionless soundscapes of “Gethsemane” interrupted the magical spell for me shortly.

Heaven opens its doors on “Transfiguration”, after which the religious experience deepens even further in the following tracks before heaven’s gate opens a second time on “Crucifixion”.
As the story nears its completion, the sacred spaces of “Pieta (2)” and “Resurrection” nicely wind things down, leaving the listener with a deep sense of compelled satisfaction and amazement.

The 62-minute “Adonai” is a religious symphonic soundtrack hymn which I would have loved to see with the powerful piece of theatre it was originally created for.
Well done, Robert!

P.S. The album is available both as cd and digital download.


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