Robert Fox – Asfafa -a journey-

Robert Fox - Asfafa -a journey-


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Robert Fox – Asfafa -a journey-

Many consider “Asfafa” as the debut album of UK-composer Robert Fox (a drama teacher in daily life), but it was actually preceded by no less than two albums (“Voices from the Inner Ear” and “Far Distant Shore”).

Starting out with lush, spherical choirs pads, the accessible music of “Asfafa” soon smoothly develops into symphonic space music in which emotion and grandeur form the key elements. Some great symphonic pads hover over dynamic piano keys, soft soaring solo voices and poignant bass lines, together making up a great and evocative ensemble with recurrent, cyclic structures. That structure is “broken” on the eight track “Mainland to Mountain”, my personal highlight of the album, sounding like a spacious doorway to the heavens with flair of John Kerr (“Offshore Island” period).

The wide sound and grandeur of the eight “movements” occasionally makes one think a bit of Vangelis, but it’s most of all Roberts own sonic magic that makes up the content of the classic, most certainly recommended “Asfafa”.

The factory-pressed cd of “Asfafa” is sold-out for a long time, but the Robert’s music is still available as digital download and cd-r.


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