Robert Fox – Blue Mountains Suite

Robert Fox - Blue Mountains Suite

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Robert Fox – Blue Mountains Suite

The sweeping and majestic music making up “Blue Mountains Suite”, the third album by UK-synthesist Robert Fox, takes its inspiration from a three week journey to Australia in the winter of 1991.

On the 60-minute release, the symphonic and atmospheric along a range of captivating melodic lines and quite minimal sequencing occasionally showing a glimpse of Vangelis (e.g. “Sydney Harbour”) are present. After the powerful sweeps of “Into the Mountains” it’s a delight to curl up into the emotional keys of “Three Sisters” or the symphonic realms of “Blue Mountains”.

If one enjoyed the emotive outcome on Robert’s previous albums “Asfafa” and “The Fire and the Rose”, one simply can’t go wrong with this album.
The original cd version of “Blue Mountains Suite” is long gone, but one can still get the music as digital download and cd-r.


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