Robert Fox – Still Waters

Robert Fox - Still Waters

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Robert Fox – Still Waters

For the music of “Silent Waters”, Robert Fox was inspired by the culture and world music from the Eastern spheres, and more specific the Persian region.

The continuous outcome is an emotive and exotic journey with profound lyrical sonic motives giving its own interpretation of 1001 Arabian Nights. Mind though that Robert uses lots of sounds and samples of authentic instruments in his eclectic, very smooth music, making the ethereal mysticism come dangerously close to kitschy new age musings. I again miss the versatility and urgency in his velvet, overtly romantic music as happened on his previous album “Short Stories”.

The use of some gentle rhythmic motion on some tracks doesn’t change that. It’s made even worse by the use of some vocal library pads in and the overall sappy mastering of the sonic Eastern mysticism. Again, Robert Fox can do no good for me.


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