Robert Fox – The Fire and the Rose

Robert Fox - The Fire and the Rose

“The Fire and the Rose” is the second official album by Robert Fox, and a great follow-up to his highly acclaimed debut “Asfafa”. It’s a special album is many aspects, sonically and thematically, as it followed in the same year when the composer experienced a period of great loss as his beloved wife Gillian died from cancer.

As a work of art, the album is dedicated to and in memory of her. The concept recording is based on the theme of T.S. Eliot’s book “The Four Quartets” and features 10 tracks of highly emotive and symphonic music paired with evocative percussion.

On “The Fire and the Rose”, the waves of drama are gently scattered all over the place or evolve in a beautiful circular sense, while many Vangelis-kindred sounds can be discerned on several songs. I for one can’t believe one isn’t moved by the intrinsic beauty and kindness displayed through the lyrical “remembrance” music.

A digital remaster, including a new cover, was released in 2011 by David Wright’s AD Music label.


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