Robert Haig Coxon – The Silent Path

Robert Haig Coxon - The Silent Path

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Robert Haig Coxon – The Silent Path
CD, R.H.C. Productions, 1995

Robert Haig Coxon hails from Canada, and gained quite an international reputation with the “Cristal Silence” trilogy, produced by Steve Roach.

“The Silent Path” is a musical journey into the light, portraying the essence of celestial sound, creating an overall harmonious space.
The outcome is of a warm, very soothing and relaxing nature, great stress-relief music and perfect for meditation purposes.
Sounding overall angelic, the smooth, melodic music blends textural synth pads with sacred bowls, angelic voices, cello, flute and classical guitar.

Emotionally compelling, this slow flowing celestial and velvet music feels like a warm embrace in our hectic world, settling down your busy mind in a gentle, positive and inspiring way.

Try this new age album if you like the music of Liquid Mind, Bill Douglas or Iasos.



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