Robert Jíša – Pět Tibeťanů (Five Tibetans)

Robert Jíša - Pět Tibeťanů (Five Tibetans)

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Robert Jíša – Pět Tibeťanů (Five Tibetans)
CD, LK/Nextera, 2006/2011

In 2006, Tjech-based composer Robert Jíša was asked to compose a simple, rather monotone album for relaxing and meditative purposes, that later appeared to sell over a 100.00 copies.

“Pět Tibeťanů” (Five Tibetans) contains one 56-minute track made up by massive longform drones of Tibetan monk chants, all executed in a spacious and overall minimal sound design.

The deep resonating monk chants with occasional soundscape backdrop makes one think of the music by David Parsons, but here the chants remain upfront all the time. It creates an hypnotic state of being while the chanting drone pads smoothly curl and shapeshift in what seems a contemplative and mesmerizing sonic meditation.

In 2011, the label released a super audio cd edition of this release along a remastered stereo version (“Pět Tibeťanů 2nd part”). For this purpose, Mr Jíša enriched the outcome by adding more levels of sound, combining more nuances and giving the overall music more motion details.


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