Robert Jíša – The Egyptian Book Of The Dead

Robert Jíša - The Egyptian Book Of The Dead


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Robert Jíša – The Egyptian Book Of The Dead
CD, NextEra, 2011

The concept-album “The Egyptian Book of the Dead” is based on the fascinating collection of ancient documents contained in the famous book of the same name. Actually, many forms, beats and intervals featured on the albums music are a musical translation of symbols of that period, either Egyptian or from Kabbalah or plain numerology.

The 55-minute music is of a (neo)classical, occasionally symphonic character, for which Robert collaborated with soprano Christina Myachina on five tracks. In addition, the highly cinematic, etnic and atmospheric music sounds like a dedication to the world of the Pharaohs, their rich culture, knowledge and fascinating grand architecture.

Throughout the album (which occasionally airs a certain Dead can Dance-feel) there’s a great emotional and dynamic interplay between rhythms, flutes, string and choral pads, in which some beautiful melodic themes pass by. Of all 13 tracks, “Ro-setau” (remembering of the “Jerusalem” theme), the title track and the almost 13-minute “23,5” deserve a special mention.

All in all, listening to the excellently produced and mastered “The Egyptian Book of the Dead” feels like a grand journey in time. Being a kind of soundtrack for both mind and spirit in its own way, it at the same time reflects an authentic, mystic and profound spiritual feel.
Well accomplished, Robert!


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